Palma de Mallorca


The Bellver Castle watching over and protecting us.

Studying in Mallorca: Beaches, Castles, & The Occasionally Crazy Nightlife

After UCLA I figured I was over trying to study in sunny locales, but then I discovered the teaching certification program in Mallorca…the frustration continues!

The TCNJ program has been phenomenal though. I must admit I came into not knowing what to expect, in fact I was rather wary, but I came out of it with ton of knowledge, a website, a great tan, and a whole slew of truly amazing friends.  The teachers were excellent, and I will forever be indebted to my friend, Craig Knapp, the wizard who taught me how to make this very website. And, of course, the maestro himself, Dr. Stuart Carroll, an amazing multi-tasker who not only has great reading taste and runs a professional program, he also knows how to organize a serious wine tour.

But it’s your peers make the program, they are the ones that drive the classroom discussion, work with you on your projects, and share their knowledge of what’s worked for them.  Rarely I have met so many fascinating individuals from such a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences. As you get older it’s harder and harder to make lifelong friends, but I truly believe that through this program, I have gained quite a few new friends that I will know for a long time. And I consider myself incredibly lucky for having this opportunity.

Wine Tour Group Photo

For example, all of these awesome folks!

I can’t wait for next year!



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