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What I’m reading this week…

Mos Def protests Guantanamo force-feeding.

I am an American I wait my turn.

“The cosy coastal world of pretend farmers’ markets and happy cows bears no resemblance to the actual back end of America.”  The new economic geography of America’s heartland.  (I would higly recommend Marc Levinson’s book, The Great AP and the Struggle for Small Business in America, for a  longer term perspective on the historical background).

I want to visit the spaceship Astana, but probably only for a day or two.

The Death of the Columbia River Crossing  Wow. Good riddance to a terrible project! Great news for Portland/Vancouver, particularly Hayden Island.  Sadly, there is still a massive transportation problem here with no viable solutions on the horizon. Mr. Cortright might be correct that this is a watershed moment, where the US turns away from freeways, but shifting towards no transportation policy is not necessarily an improvement.

Econ 101 is Killing America


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