What’s on the Web?


What I’m reading this week:

This Island Life – The role of chance in evolution. Applies to people, businesses, and societies too.

Is Shakespeare the sexiest writer? Welcome to the new Singapore.

Makers of War – “Yassin has made his grenades less expensive by switching from nails to steel tailings.” The ongoing tragedy in Syria. This story breaks my heart as Syria is an amazing place.  It seems the war has even spread to Crac des Chevaliers castle, the coolest castle I have ever visited.  Al Jezzera has produced this map to show the geography of the current rebellion.

Reinventing the Bookstore – How to monetize browsing and other suggestions to save bookstores.  As I dream of retiring with a used bookstore this might be important one day

Water has No Enemy – A travel log to Lagos…

I oppose Tax breaks for marriage – The author is against tax breaks for marriage.

Professor, You’re Dividing My Nation” – What should be the official language of Kurdistan?

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