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My weekly links of note:

I absolutely loved these stories as an adolescent until I got to Lemuria, Shirly Maclain, and the 12′ tall dudes, then it started to seem weird.

In the Violent Favelas of Brazil, I read Suketu Mehta’s excellent Maximum City on the recent history of Mumbai, and I can’t recommend him enough. Like Maximum City, this read is somewhat depressing, but incredibly enlightening. In this case it’s telling the fascinating story of the rapid urbanization of Brazil and how governance is evolving. For me I couldn’t help but think of Hobbes classic discussion of what the state is even for. (Well, actually I first thought of Kurasawa’s Seven Samari, but’s that how I usually get to Hobbes). 

The Pink Panthers – I read this when it was first published in 2010 and was utterly fascinated by the story.

Why are we all hooked on Facebook?  An anthropologist takes a shot at answering based on his work with slot machines.

Philosophically, I would like to also oppose the biomedical model of mental illness, but I certainly see the utility. I am uncertain if I look forward to the day we understand how the brain really works, or if I fear it. Regardless, I will continue to regard the DSM with a wary eye.

How do innovations spread? Atul Gawande is always a must read.

I can’t wait to read tech pioneer/philosopher/musician Jaron Lainer’s book, Who Owns the Future, and read his prescriptions for how to fix our digital economy.  But until I get the chance this review, Enjoy the Rules, has plenty for me to chew on.



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