Aqui No Hay Playa,

“Aqui No Hay Playa…Vaya, Vaya!” (Los Refrescos 1989)

One of the most difficult things about living in Madrid for a water lover like myself is that there is no beach!  This is has temporarily stalled my budding sailing career. Sigh.

Thanks to my great friends in Portland (Eric, Robin, Cathy, Kevin, and Ryan), I’m slowly becoming a competent sailer. We raced together for a few years, where I manned the bow and could always be counted on to recommend a spinaker launch–no matter the conditions. (Let’s go fast!) Even though they have all far surpassed me as racers, every August they graciously let me return to my old position and give a me quire refresher course on knots (I don’t know why I can’t remember knots for the life of me).  I love it and now have myself an expensive hobby. Fortunately my wife loves it too and together we have some plans for our sailing future



These are few blogs that I follow in order to keep my fix when land-locked.

Sailing Anarchy – If it’s sailing related it will eventually make it here.

Oregon Offshore – Although I can’t participate–being on the other side of the world and all–my old racing team from PDX does this race every May. I sail vicariously thorugh this site.

Barcelona World Race – My favorite large race to follow every January.

Controlled Jibe – An inspiring blog of a couple following their dreams.

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