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My weekly internet finds of note:

I loved making maps of imaginary worlds as a child.  This guy, however, has turned this hobby into a real work of art, complete with realistic urban planning projections.

Why are we hopeless over-sharers on the Internet?

Will humans really harvest 17% of what the biosphere grows this year? This seems important, indeed Bill Gates thinks so, and I have flagged Vaclav Smil, as a researcher worth investigating.  

The title of this survey of recent neuroscience findings is truly terrifying: “Why you truly never leave high school.” Almost as terrifying as the findings themselves, but I do sometimes miss me some dopamine.

I can’t wait to test out The Interaction of Color iPad app, an adaption of Josef Albers famous 1963 book.

An English educated Indian, Aatish Taseerrediscovers the beauty and logic of the Hindu tradition through the study of Sanskrit.  I am fascinated by languages, and am currently on a bit of a linguistics kick.  I have also always been impressed by Indian philosophical tradition, which although little known was in many ways far in advance of the Western tradition until quite recently.

In an interesting letter George Orwell explains his future book 1984 and makes a few WW2 predictions.

Finally, I am very proud to know some of the folks working for LAANE, it’s good to see that they are getting some recognition for some of the great work they do for Los Angeles Communities. I think they are a model that many communities should consider emulating.

Although despite the intro photo I didn’t post anything about Easter Island, but I came across this image and it made me laugh.


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