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Internet usage of the world based on time of day 

My weekly links of note:

40 Cool Maps to help you make sense of the world. I especially liked numbers 3, 4, 29, 32, & 38.

I love it when I find great SNL clips that I can use in my ESL classes. They are short, funny, and the perfect reward for suffering through a tough grammar lesson. This history of famous SNL auditions was a treat to read, and a trip down memory lane.

The author believes that the Inca Empire had a strange economy that does not correspond to our ideas of how economies work. I am not so sure it is all the different from Ancient Egypt’s economic model or other early labor based kingdoms, but I do agree that the lack of evidence for markets is very curious.

Does modern day economics function like a latter day religion?

16 Biggest Cities in HIstory – This is a very simple write up of the largest cities of different historical epics. Might be useful for classes.

The always interesting James Altucher has a foolproof list to how to start and run a successful business. While outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has advice on how to stall a business and stifle innovation by destroying employee morale.

Peter Glieck knows what he is talking about. The Western U.S. is running out of water, again.

Finally, Don’t Forget to Play! This post has a lot of good links for game classroom ideas.  Although this earlier post by Mr. Miller has even more.



Phil Hartman was kind of amazing. RIP.

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