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My weekly links of note:

It’s comforting in our age of youth worship to learn that human culture and society didn’t really get going until old people showed up.  You’re welcome, Kiddos.

What a fantastic way to learn high school history. These students spent years investigating the contents of an abandoned suitcase to write the biography of Lt. Col. Martin William Joyce, the owner and allied commander of liberated Dauchu.  “Joyce became the thread that went through our general studies,” Delaney says. “When we were studying World War I, we did the traditional World War I lessons and readings. And then stopped the clocks and thought, ‘What’s going on with Joyce in this period?”

California is an island. These maps may be technically wrong, but metaphorically I think they might have been right all along.

This great book review of Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much by Nudge author Cass Susstein does a great job of making the case for soft paternalism. Reading the various reviews of the book I have learned much about how poverty so often can lead to poor decision making.

Homer’s epic The Iliad was very influential on my understanding of the classical world, and I have enjoyed essays on heroes ever since.

I like, most westerners, am very confused about what’s going on in Pakistan. This article on Pakistan’s youth was very enlightening, with both hopeful signs and some worrisome ones.

I am a pretty strong environmentalist, but I pretty much agree with this essay. The author is correct that Man has always reshaped the world to serve our needs, and our long-term success will depend more on how well our social systems function, and thus can adapt to our continually changing world.

Finally, in honor of Voyager leaving the solar system, this wonderful love story on a pale blue dot.

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