Great Writing + NBA = !!!


Thanks to my good friend Chuck for recommending it, but Grantland has quickly become my favorite NBA site, maybe even more than my beloved Blazersedge. Bill Simmons is not only an intelligent commentator, he is also simply a great writer who happens to be hilarious. And the pop culture writing is pretty good too. Andy Greenwald is simply the best television critic I have ever read. (In particular I recommend his ongoing Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad reviews).

Grantland is also the temporary home to American political analyst Nate Silver as he transitions from the NYTimes to ESPN. This is a great tragedy for the Grey Lady, as Nate is the only consistently must read political analyst out there. (Mostly because he actually has data and isn’t just relying on inside baseball or conventional horse racing tropes). I am not sure how the Silver’s political analysis will work with ESPN apolitical sports reporting, but I am hopeful it will continue to be as informative as always. We shall see.

Anyway, I have been really enjoying the Bill and Jalen’s NBA previews. I have recommended them to some of my students who love sports. Here is the Portland Trailblazer preview:

I think Mr. Simmons is right on in his analysis but suspect they might be overselling Robinson’s abilities, but then I haven’t seen him play.  What is interesting to me about that summer pick-up is that if he works out well then this prepares the Blazers for a possible Aldridge trade. (To be continued in a further posts…)


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