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My weekly reading this week was very heavy with quality digital media pieces starting with this phenomenal documentary constructed by the NYTimes using their own archives.  Ken Burns eat your heart out.

This kid is going somewhere. I am really looking forward to this documentary and hope I can use it to inspire children to make their own documentaries one day. But at the very least if gets them to reconsider their food that would be a victory enough. Well done.

This beautifully produced Brooking’s essay on the rising economic and political importance of Chinese and Indian mega-regions in today’s world. The governance of these regions is a majorly underreported story in today’s world and it’s good to see this essay put their respective strengths in perspective (Si-Chuan is as large as Egypt, Gujarat–the size of France).  Also the well thought out multimedia format is a welcome innovation in online reporting. I hope to see more.

Speaking of China I really enjoyed this review of Wu Cheng’en’s classic “Journey to the West”  I had forgot how much I enjoyed the story when I read it living in Beijing.

I want to like this Edutopia series on Teenager’s brains, but it should just be one concise informative post, this feels like fluff. Regardless I think it’s a very important subject for teachers and look forward to learning more.

Japan is arguably the most economically advanced country.  These disturbing youth trends deserve further scrutiny.  This is no less disturbing.

This history of American Business consulting is a great read and a good addition to the standard view of the Roaring 20’s (which continues to be my favorite decade and in my opinion the first truly Modern one).

Finally, I can’t wait for this movie!

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