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My weekly reads of note:

I agree with this article, I do think social media and the internet are improving students writing skills. I also think we are collectively getting better at tests, not getting smarter as our rising IQ scores might hint at.

This American Cititzenship test will be a fun quiz to give my American history students, how well do you do?

This 60 minutes report on the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s  Freeman Harbowski is pretty dang inspiring.  We have a lot of work to do in the states.

What caused Europe’s and Asia’s economic paths to diverge so greatly? This reading of the historical data argues that plauges and trade had the most to do with it.

On the topic of economic problems, this analysis of our current rut is right on.  There is no real mystery as to how we got here.

Who needs blockbusters?  Or why the movie industry is the way it is today… Speaking of which, if Katniss is the heroine of our era.  What does that say about us?  (This is worth a post alone, or maybe even an extended essay).

I read this essay on the importance of rituals thinking it would talk about holidays and Thanksgiving and what not. Needless to say it did not go where I thought it would and I am better off for it.

And as the holiday season is coming up, why do smarter people seem to drink more?  Seems counterintuitive, no?

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