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Well, the 2012 PISA scores are out and Finland, the darling of the Western education world, has pretty much fallen off a cliff, while Asian city states now dominate the rankings.  This means students can look forward to lots more homework and high pressure testing in the future.  I can’t say I agree with this direction, and in fact feel it actually doesn’t prepare you for our modern economy very well. I tend to believe that many students will have to invent their own jobs, some their own industries, and great testing skills won’t really serve them well at all in that.  But these results do show that grit matters, perhaps more than anything.

This essay, a comparison on how different species age, blew me away.  As someone who is aging a little faster than I feel comfortable with I can only ask why hydra?  1400 years sounds pretty dang greedy to me?

Games in the classroom!  Edutopia has provided this great round up of current work.

I just found this PBS digital series “It’s ok to be smart” and it’s fascinating.  This video on why Avocado seeds evolved to be so big blew me away.

And while we are talking about online video series I really like the series “Everything is a remix”  I am a strong believer in rewarding innovation, but we should remember that most innovation are really creative remixes.  Here the series takes the beloved iphone.

Two of my favorite sports writers go at it again in Round V. of the Gladwell/Simmons. It is every bit as informative as rounds 1-4.  Speaking of which, Go Blazers!!!

This book review by the brilliant noble prize winning economist Robert Solow of the former Maestro Alan Greenspan’s latest is remarkably balanced and spot on.  Greenspan did a great job for awhile but always worshiped the elegant romantic world of the efficient market hypothesis and the great wisdom and power of the John Galts of the world.  The real world is messy. Greenspan’s view deserves a great hearing and has some evidence, but Solow does a brilliant job dissembling his faulty logic with evidence.

Speaking of which, just why is inequity growing so incredibly rapidly? Greenspan might have some ideas.

North Korea’s leadership is growing younger and beginning to flex it’s muscles.  Rarely a good sign for stability, but then what is the future of that stability anyway?

This breaks my heart.  Which for that matter, so does this.  But monarchs are much more beautiful and precious than local congressman.

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