¡Nuestra Luna de Miel!

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This winter my wife and I are heading to South Africa for our belated honeymoon.  It has always been her dream to go on an African safari and in 3 days it will be a reality.   I am not bringing my computer–or even my beloved phone!!! So this will be my last post for a few weeks.

I absolutely love to travel, a bug that my wife and I share.  We pride ourselves on planning holistic trips with a mix of adventure and education.  Nature, urban anthropology, culinary exploration, transportation challenges.  We try hard to push the bounds while still relaxing.  I spend months researching trips before hand.

This time we have a doozy planned.  5 days Safari, 3 days exploring Capetown, 2 days in the Wine country, 2 days driving the Garden Route from the Western Cape to the Eastern cape, and then back to J-burg.   Along the way we hope to see some lions, elephants, great white sharks, penguins, vineyards, hot springs, ziplines in rainforests, and maybe even some gold.

Books that made the cut:

I am always reading 5-6 books, even when traveling.  As much as I don’t really like the Kindle, I must admit it has made this a much easier load to carry then before.  I might be coming around to accepting the future.  I just purchased the following:

Zoo City – A science fiction story set in the J-burg near future.  It’s been highly recommended by trusted sources.

Africa as a Living Laboratory 1870-1950 – This is a weighty academic text, heavily inspired by James Scott’s Seeing like a State, that analyzes the interplay between British Colonialism and scientific inquiry.  Part colonial history, part natural science history, part anthropology.  Looking forward to it.

The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2013 – I have been hooked on this series for over a decade now.  A simple collection of great science magazine articles of the last year.  The perfect travel companion.

The Story of the Human Body – Not sure why but I am on a serious science kick these days. That and Mother Africa is where we evolved so it wouldn’t be a bad travel companion (also my body is a changing… and I want to know why!)

I also finally purchased Why Nations Fail –  I have been meaning to read this for 2 years now and am starting to jones for overly academic economic history again.  Not sure how far I will get into this on this trip, but look for a book review in an upcoming post.

In S. Africa I will also be on the lookout for a good Natural History of South Africa.  Whenever I go somewhere beautiful I always seek out the best portable Natural history book to travel with.  Although I forget much of what I learn, I love being able to understand what I am looking at.

If you have any other recommendations please leave a comment:

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