Tracing Mankind’s Steps

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My 7th grade class Ancient Civilizations class putting their geographic skills to use in Ancient Civilizations class this fall. They started out the year creating a map of where they are all from. They learned how to use our basic tools of longitude and latitude. They mapped the story of human migration out of Africa. To do this they compiled a list of real hominoid fossil locations then they plotted their locations on a large world map. (This lesson was modified from this wonderful one taken from the highly, highly recommended smithsonian Human Origins website)


Paleontologists and Archeologists have dated  those fossils so students were able to date them and group them according to early human species.  Therefore students were able to see how Hominids arose in Africa and then spread out over the Eurasian continent and they were surprised to learn that only modern Homo Sapiens have made it to the Americas and only in the last 20,000 years.

Mapping Pics



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