7-Day Nature Photography Challenge

So my mother recently challenged me on facebook to do a 7-day Nature Photography challenge. These sort of things go around social media like modern day chain letters and I always find them some what cute and community building (although many find them mildly annoying). This being my mother I of course had no choice but to oblige.  I enjoyed it as it gave me an excuse to revisit some of my photos from the last few years. I have started taking photography much more seriously in the last two years (recently I even switched to RAW files!!! and RAW editing!) As I told my friend Jonny Levin, I am on a 10year mission to become a master photographer.

I had a lot of fun looking through my photos and challenging my friends who I think are also very talented photographers so I thought I would post it here so I can a record of it here.


This was Day 1. I think this one speaks for itself. This is my NatGeo masterpiece from our dream Safari honeymoon. It reminds me to get to work, or I’ll be eaten.  On day 1 I challenged my friend Lili who has been almost everywhere!

_DSC5766 (1)

Day 2: Trail Lake under Mt .Regan in the stunning Sawtooth mountains (Idaho) on our Annual family backpacking trip with brother-in-law Eric Hayden.  I challenged Idahoans Jesse  & Robyn who have traveled the world researching nature.


Nature Photography Challenge Day 3. Grindelwald Switzerland–more gorgeous mountains! I challenged my friend Barret who is the best amatuer photographer I know.


Day 4: Uncle Cracker. He served as our lookout for Mr. Grizzly and I will never forget the debt we owe. I challenged fellow backpacker Cooper. He has some real talent.


Day 5: Probably the single most striking landscape I have ever been lucky enough to visit. I challenged my friend Ryan who hits the mountains more than anyone I know.


Day 6: Home sweet home. Mt. Hood from the “back” side. I challenged Jingzi, my professional photographer friend.


Day 7: This isn’t one of my best, but it is my single favorite place I have ever been, like a skyscraper in the middle of a jungle with panoramic views of everything. So peaceful. And one of my favorite childhood science fiction books was based on this place.  I challenged my new friend Marje, she has a real eye for angles and I wanted to see what she might do with nature.


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