To the headquarters! IB – CS/ITGS ERC

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 15.53.10

I made it!   To the curriculum headquarters of the International Baccalaureate!!!

This photo was at the end of a 3 day whirlwind meeting on the Information Technology & Global Society External Review Committee… As you can probably tell by the photo it was a bit exhausting… but very exciting. Although I can’t talk about it…yet.

Lots of high level stuff as you can see.  (I used an app to convert the original photo)


It was a beautiful weekend in The Hague. Alyssha and Finn very much enjoyed it, while we worked hard in the headquarters.


Sunday morning as we enter the ship-like headquarters to work for the day.


But in case we got rowdy Europol and the International Tribunal were right next door.


Please note the bicycles… Love the Dutch!

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