Back to the HQ! – (June 2018 Exciting Update!)

Update: Our work is becoming official!
The IBDP blog has just announced the upcoming new Digital Society Class.  Check it out! I am very proud and so excited.

The League of Extraordinary Technographers!

So the ITGS redesign is in full swing and I am very lucky to have been able to participate in another ERC meeting at the IB curriculum headquarters in The Hague. It was so much fun and intellectually enriching. The team is still in the dream phase so this was really just a giant brainstorming event. It was wonderful to meet and dream with technology/humanities teachers and professors from around the world.  This is a hugely collaborative process and I am only one small tiny member of the team, but it is very exciting,

I am so eager to share our thoughts and ideas but it’s still in draft stage. But these cartoon takes are a hint of what is coming.



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