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I am a Social Science teacher with a professional background in Urban Planning, Design & Construction.  My main interests are the Humanities, Political Economy, Economic History, Geography, and Cities—I want to know how and why the world came to be and, where it’s going. I also an avid traveler with a passion for “La Vida Buena.” I love ideas, food, culture, running, sailing, dancing, la Roja, and the always injured Portland Trail Blazers.

Although not quite a third culture kid—my upbringing was firmly Oregonian—I consider myself very much a child of globalism. I have lived in and worked in eight different cities spread across three continents. I have a deep fascination with how the world, and its peoples, are changing and a compelling desire to share my discoveries. I love working with curious young people and consider myself blessed to have stumbled into such a rewarding profession. This website serves as my open working notebook where I have corralled together online resources I have found. And the blog is where I occasionally share my thoughts on the world, teaching, living, and learning.

If you are interested in knowing more about me please take a look at my first Prezi, A whirlwind tour of my teaching journey. Or you could just look through the blog for my musings on the world, thoughts on places I’ve lived or traveled to (e.g. Springfield to Portlandia), struggles to learn Spanish, or just see stuff I like, such as my weekly log of interesting internet reads, “What’s on the Web? or books worth reading.

If you are interested in collaborating or even hiring me, please visit my Professional Development page to find a bit more about my professional background, my teaching philosophy, and scattered relics of my previous lives. I would love to speak with you!

This is my first attempt at setting up and maintaining a personal/professional website, so please bear with me as I work the kinks out.

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