These pages make up my online repository of resources that I have collected over the years. In fact in current form, these pages are basically just working drafts filled with my notes on helpful teaching sites, lesson ideas, important reference sites, and interesting books. On the sidebar of each page is a working list of quality subject related links. These pages are where I begin my search for good subject materials, lesson plan ideas and models, and activities.  I expect to spend the rest of my professional career updating these lists.

I am also very eager to learn from other teachers, so if you have any recommendations please send them along!  

I believe in utilizing a variety of teaching materials and methods, and I am firmly convinced that journalism offers teachers a vast wealth of interesting stories and well-researched materials.  I have some some strong ideas about content, but in practice I am a fairly flexible teacher and I am always looking to mix it up to keep classes interesting. I also strongly believe in cultivating student’s individual interests so I end up collecting lots of new links.

Although I haven’t yet taught every subject that I have listed, I intend to and therefore have begun a reference page none-the-less.  Hence, some pages are more complete then others…

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