Everybody loves Food? I also believe food is a great tool to teach students about geography. For teacher’s a part of lesson planning is trying to find ways to get abstract material to relate to student’s lives in some way. In geography food is a perfect vehicle. Our food systems are incredibly complex economic structures that touch every aspect of our world, and, of course, food is delicious!  Food also sits at the nexus of science, technology, and cultural identity.  I am really looking forward to experimenting with the occasional food lesson plan.  To adopt a cliche, “the way to a student’s mind is through their belly”

Notable Websites:

It seems that every school starts there cultural education with platos tipicos from around the world. I firmly believe this can be an exciting geography lesson.  This site Edible Geography has given me many different ideas.

The Perennial Plate – Adventures in sustainable living. Well produced and amazingly beautiful travel videos on the food of place.  Wonderful.

PBS’s The History Kitchen – What was in Leonardo De Vinci’s Kitchen? How about Hemingway?

NPR’s The Salt – Interesting journalism pieces on food

Historian Rachael Laudan’s blog is a wonderful read

Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, and Culture – An excellent exhibit by the American Museum of Natural History with great materials and teaching resources for all ages.

The Food Museum

Some Notable Books 

A History of the World in Six Glasses by the former economist writer Tom Stoddage. How six common drinks–beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, and cola–changed the world. (I highly recommend all of Mr. Stoddage’s works and can’t wait to read his latest: The Edible History of Mankind).

Four Fish by Paul Greenburg. The story of the four most common fish in our supermarkets. Excellent Journalism.


Research Resources

The Food and Agricultural organization of the United Nations (FAO) – A great resource with interesting reports, In particular the FAOstat database is full of fascinating information, and a good place for students to get lost exploring.


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