“In the classroom, Shadrach is an enthusiastic teacher with high expectations of students. He employs a variety of instructional techniques. Shadrach gives thoughtful feedback with specific compliments and detailed suggestions for improvement. He also served as an empathetic MS advisor working both to build individual student character and celebrate our school culture…. Shadrach has made a strong contribution to ASM and has my highest recommendation as a person, teacher, and employee.” – William O’Hale (Headmaster American School of Madrid )

In the classroom, Shadrach has a very good presence, students respect and listen to him. He clearly cares about their learning and always tries hard to help them. Shadrach works extremely hard to find ways to make the material memorable and enjoyable for the students. Shadrach is not afraid to act out or be funny to get them interested. Shadrach clearly enjoys working with the children and the students love him.” – Beatriz Rodríguez (Colegio Malvar Supervisor)

One of the biggest challenges teaching a split undergraduate/graduate course is the asymmetry of knowledge students bring to the classroom. As the Teaching Assistant for Political Economy of Urbanization, Shadrach connected with students, effortlessly explaining and applying complex political economy concepts in ways we could all easily understand, regardless of our academic backgrounds, or our familiarity with the subject matter” – Nina Flores, phd UCLA 

 The College of New Jersey Student Teacher Evaluation

“Shadrach did an outstanding job during the entire unit on Mao’s China.  It was a challenging unit that prepared the students well for the upcoming IB assessment on authoritarian rulers.  He is an ambitious teacher with great patience and dedication.”  – Mr. Ducharme, IB History Mentor 

“Shadrach has done an excellent job.  His unit on the Pacific War in World War Two was extremely well-done with excellent and effective use of technology and a variety of teaching practices.  He was very well-prepared for both individual classes as well as long term.  He knows the content and is able to deliver it in an effective and appropriate manner.” – Mr. Ducharme, IB History Mentor

UCLA Student Evaluation Comments

“The TA was easily accessible and was a valuable resource in my understanding of the course assignments and how to better my own writing skills”

“Very helpful and intelligent assistant!”

“Excellent T.A. organized and available and most importantly helped drive discussions in class to a higher level.”

“Extremely helpful. If I had any questions via email I always got very quick and helpful responses. This TA goes out of his way for student learning.”

“A lot of insight into the course material, had his own thoughts about the claims the professor made and was always patient and willing to explain and expand on any topic. Great TA!”



3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Ana Escobar López
    October 15, 2013 at 5:01 am

    Here in Spain Shadrach was the main help I had in learning English. When I didn’t understand something I could rely on him. He never gives up on his pupils and always tries to make English easier and fun. All in all, I think Shadrach is the best teacher that I’ve ever had. I know that whenever I have a problem he’ll be there to help me.

  2. Bradley Cleveland
    October 19, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    Shadrach was a great teaching assistant for a political economy class I took as an urban planning graduate student at UCLA. His breadth of knowledge was impressive, and it served to enliven the classroom discussions. He was not only available to his students, but he was prepared to discuss the particulars of their work. He challenged me to do my best by offering cogent critiques of my draft papers that allowed me to sharpen my thinking and strengthen my arguments.

  3. Mario
    November 10, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    What can I say about this guy he doesn´t know? Simply amazing! I´m Mario an ex student from Malvar´s school.Unfortunately Shadrach only could be my teacher for 1 year,I would like have known this fantastic person longer,but i finished 4 ESO and I had to leave the school because the BACHILLERATO is private and not everybody can afford the price,I just can tell you THANK YOU,you´ve teached me many things that with a spanish teacher I couldn´t have learned.I remember when I met with him to teach him some spanish I hope I helped you,recording sentences on his mobile.He knows I´m really into in English subject because my dream is go to the country from which he comes,USA.I told him and I tell you again, I appreciate you a lot and I´ll never forget you as teacher and I could say as a friend,and thank you for what you´re trying to do with the extra classes.Sorry if i got some mistakes in my english I´ve done this very honestly and with the heart. See u bro! and THANKS.

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